Think road safety and win a top prize

A new on-line survey has been launched in a bid to discover why drivers speed on Essex roads.

The survey is being developed by the Essex Safety Camera Partnership (ESCP) and now features here on the partnership's website.

ESCP Liaison Officer Rachel Whitelock said, "The ESCP is committed to reducing road casualties caused by excessive vehicle speed and an important part of our work is educating and changing driver's attitudes towards speeding.

"By launching this survey we hope to find out what drivers in Essex think about speeding and what circumstances are most likely to make them speed.

"The findings will be used in future education and publicity programmes and we will also be displaying the results on this website."

The survey only takes a couple of minutes to fill in and everyone who completes it will be entered into a draw with a chance to win a day on an advanced driving course with skid car training or gift vouchers.

Questions asked on the survey include:

  • Which legal speed limits are you most likely to break?
  • How often do you break the speed limit?
  • What circumstances would most encourage you to break the speed limit?
  • Is speeding an issue where you live?

"The survey has been trialled on a sample selection of 100 people and already we're getting some interesting results," added Rachel Whitelock.

"We found that 83 per cent of drivers admitted to speeding at least occasionally but 75 per of those people also said that speeding was an issue where they lived. "If this proves to be a general trend it could indicate that we have some way to go in educating drivers that speeding isn't acceptable anywhere, whether it's in their local community or not."