Of what use are security cameras if not properly installed? Our technicians at Essex Safety cameras are highly seasoned experts when it comes to installation of home safety cameras.

You wouldn’t want your visitors to spot your indoor security cameras as this makes them uncomfortable realising that they are being watched by indoor surveillance cameras, this makes them become spooky.

To avoid incidents of your visitors becoming spooky, you can count on us to install your indoor surveillance cameras in places that give you maximum view of what is happening within your home without your visitors being aware that they are being watched on by these cameras.

When it comes to monitoring what is going on outside of the perimeter of your home, you can count on the expertise of our technicians on the installation of outdoor surveillance cameras with extensive ranges.

Our technicians are experts in determining where and how to install your surveillance cameras to give you maximum view of your perimeters and be aware of who comes in or near your property hence you will be able to take proactive steps in preventing intrusion by unwanted elements.

Wiring is an essential aspect of safety camera installation which should not be neglected as intruders are always looking out for your camera wirings. Our technicians are industrious in running your camera wirings to be well hidden from intruders looking to take your cameras out. You can count on our experts to run your camera wirings through channels not visible to intruders.

Surveillance cameras without lighting give you zero surveillance of your properties and perimeters. To avoid zero surveillance, you can count on our team of professionals in pairing up your surveillance cameras with your lighting system just so that you can get maximum surveillance of your entire property.

If you choose to install your surveillance cameras along with motion detection lights, we will give you just the kind of surveillance system you so desire. We are up to date with motion sensor technology that works perfectly well with your outdoor surveillance system.

When it comes to motion light, our expert installers will do just the perfect work for you to make it easy for you to scan through your archived security video footage of only when the lights were turned on by the motion sensors.