Essex Drivers Continue to Support Safety Cameras

Over 77 per cent of Essex drivers are still supporting the use of safety cameras as a method of cutting casualties, according to an annual survey commissioned by the Essex Safety Camera Partnership (ESCP).

The ESCP Public Attitude Survey also found that 70 per cent of the 1991 drivers questioned agree that the primary aim of safety cameras is to save lives. And around 70 per cent think more should be done to reduce speeds.

ESCP Liaison Officer, Rachel Whitelock, said, "We are delighted that the results of this survey are so positive. This shows that the majority of drivers in Essex are still in support of our work.

"Research has shown that safety cameras can reduce speed and red light related crashes by up to 50 per cent at sites where they are used and as one in three road deaths are speed related we have a significant role to play in the county's overall road safety strategy."

However the survey also showed that around 66 per cent of drivers thought that cameras are an easy way of making money out of motorists.

Rachel added, "This is disappointing because in reality there has been a decrease in the number of motorists detected by safety cameras in Essex, despite an increase in the amount of enforcement.

"The number of paid conditional offers of a fixed penalty has actually dropped from 104,295 in 2001/02 to 85,629 in 2003/04 and 78,505 in 2004/05.

"The ESCP will continue to actively educate and encourage motorists to drive within the speed limits and appropriately for the conditions of the road. This is vital in our efforts towards reducing the number of casualties on the roads in Essex, we don't want to detect drivers, we just want them to slow down."