Safety cameras in our homes are a vital part of our lives as it makes us feel that sense of security knowing that every part of our home and perimeters is under 24/7 surveillance by cameras.

You might be confused when it comes to choosing the type of safety cameras for your home as there is a wide range of surveillance cameras for you to choose from – all for different situations and purposes.

However, you can count on our experience at Essex Safety Cameras in recommending just the right type of surveillance cameras that suit your needs and at pocket-friendly prizes.

Our recommendations are also based on smart technological advances in wireless technology, cameras and videos.

Here are some of the best surveillance cameras you can get from us with details of their features that make them unique and suitable for the purposes you intend for them.

Bullet cameras

Bullet cameras earned their name by having a cylindrical shape that looks like a bullet. These cameras are majorly for fixed view and can be mounted entry and exit points to give you a view of whom or what comes in and out of your home or premises. If you require multiples views, then you may need more than one bullet cameras.

Because they are very visible and out of reach of burglars by virtue of where they are mounted, they serve as warnings to intending burglars to stay clear of your property as there are efficient ‘eyes’ watching over your property.

The advantage you get from bullet cameras is that they most often include IR illuminators, they do not need to be serviced regularly and are good for low-light situations. Get in touch with us for your weather resistant bullet cameras.

Dome Cameras

Dome Cameras also known as ceiling cameras earned their name from their unique dome-shaped look. They are best used as indoor cameras though they can also be used as outdoor surveillance cameras too.

Dome cameras offer the advantage of wide range view. They are suitable for places that can get dirty with time, like kitchens, stores and warehouses. Also, they are built to be tamper-proof and are not easily prone to vandalism.

Why not contact us to have us install dome cameras in your home, so you can enjoy its tamper-proof features and some of the amazing features you can get from it?

PTZ Security Camera

PTZ Security Cameras are surveillance cameras that allow you to operate the camera remotely. You can pan, tilt or zoom in the camera to give you a good view.

PTZ security camera also offers you auto-track features that allow you to track movements and it can run patterns automatically or return to a pre-set position. Its movement can be controlled with joystick or software on desktops or mobile devices.

You want to keep track of the happenings in and around your home or other properties? Do you want a camera that can give you 200m IR night vision, high-quality images and magnifying power of X36 optical zoom? Then simply visit us for PTZ Security camera.

Day/Night Cameras

Day/night cameras are surveillance cameras that can be recommended for outdoor surveillance as they can operate well in both poorly lighted and well-lighted environments.

They are imbued with extra sensitive imaging chips which enables them to capture clear images of intruders in poorly lighted environments.

Some of the other features you can benefit from buying day/night cameras include the ability to record in coloured or black and white, infrared capability and availability in various sizes. Request for day/night cameras from us today to enjoy its amazing features.

Wireless IP Cameras

These cameras offer you the advantage of monitoring what goes on in and around your home from whereever you may be by virtue of its connectivity to your home Wi-Fi network. All you need to do to get wireless IP cameras installed in your home is for you to get in touch with us and in no time, our expert technicians will be at your service.

Smart, Voice Integrated Cameras

These are cameras integrated with voice assistants. This gives you the advantage of using voice commands to monitor and control happenings in and around your home over wireless devices.

At Essex Safety Cameras, we can help you to integrate your smart, voice integrated cameras with Google assistant or Amazon Alexa.