You really cannot over-emphasize the importance of having safety cameras installed in or around your homes. Let’s us take you through some important reasons why you need safety cameras in your home.

  • For the protection of your home: One of the best ways of protecting your home is to install safety cameras in your home to keep your families safe, and protect your home and property.

    There is an estimated 6,000 burglary daily and you wouldn’t want your home to be in the count.

    Homes without safety cameras are more prone to attack by burglars and there is an estimated burglary of 1 in 3 homes without surveillance system and an estimated 1 burglary in 250 homes with a surveillance system.

  • For Fire Protection: Surveillance systems in our homes are fitted with heat detectors which detect changes in temperature and smoke.

    For every 20 seconds that passes by, a fire outbreak in a home is reported. Heat detectors can give you early warning of a fire outbreak in your home giving you enough time and early warning to enable you to prevent further damage to your home and properties.

  • Low Home Owner’s Insurance Premium: Homeowners with surveillance systems usually have low premium from insurance Companies compared with premiums paid by homeowners with no surveillance system in their homes.

    Insurance companies recognise the fact the risks on which premiums are calculated are highly reduced by the installation of surveillance systems in homes.

  • Remote Monitoring with Surveillance System: with a remote surveillance system, you can monitor your home from wherever you may be without having to worry about the goings-on in and around your home. Thanks to the remote surveillance system that allows you to keep a tab of your home and allow you to monitor your home all-round the clock from wherever you may be.

  • Home Automation System: Safety cameras in your homes, light controls, thermostats, door locks, etc. can all be automated together into your home surveillance system to make your home smart and provide additional layers of security for your home. You can reach out to us for full automation of your home security systems.

  • For Medical alerts: Home security systems can be equipped with emergency levers and alert pendants that can be used to alert or request for emergency vehicles in the case of people living alone probably with a medical condition or are advanced in age.

  • Increase your home value: having a surveillance system in your home can greatly improve the value of your home if you have the intention of putting up your home for sale.

  • Monitor the activities of your pets: safety cameras in your home can be a great way to keep an eye on your pets whenever you're away. With our smart, voice integrated cameras, you can talk directly to your pet to quieten them, or even speak nice words to them about how they have behaved themselves. You can also know the location of your pets wherever they may be in and around your home knowing full well that they are safe from harm.

  • For a sense of Safety and Security: Having a home security system with safety cameras installed in and around your homes gives you that sense of safety and security which brings peace of mind knowing that your home, family and property are safe wherever you may be.

    The knowledge that your security system will alert the authorities if there's a breach in your security by intruders, or there's a fire outbreak will ultimately make you feel safe and relaxed.